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Back in the G January 17, 2006

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Man, I love a good story…

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Wired reports on the big, dark secrets behind certain psychedelic drugs. None other than Ms. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds has been fervently accused of doing something widely frowned upon in the illegal-drug community. While most drugs get their kicks corrupting the nuclear-family unit, making old ladies frown, defending people listening to crappy music, spawning countless failed “artistic masterworks,” and so on, LSD has taken a new path.

A shocking path, I might add. The scientists and gear-heads of the last 40 years are coming out of the closet to blame LSD for some of their breakthrough discoveries. While LSD denies all accusations, in an attempt to avoid being called “a pussy,” the evidence is quite overwhelming. In a blitzkrieg attempt to hold LSD accountable, Californians and other like-minded hippies have gathered at a first-ever convention honoring none other than Old Man LSD himself, Albert Hofmann.

The harsh crowd has firmly blamed the drug for causing religious, eye-opening experiences, life-changing epiphanies of self-love, a dramatic “rewiring” of the brain allowing for extremely higher-level and abstract thinking, and other equally lame things.

“LSD better get its act together soon, and quit being such a goddamn ferry,” says Heroin. “I’m not one to make threats, but I’m totally going to give you a monster wedgy the next time I see you.”

In other news, I’m back in Gainesville after a nice (if unproductive) weekend with my family and grandparents. Unfortunately, 90% of everyone in my house is sick as a dog…hopefully everyone will get better soon. I’m really out of the school schedule now–I mean, I haven’t done a second of homework the entire semester yet. Granted, there’s only been 3 real days of class…that’s 3 days longer than usual. Not that I don’t have tons of work to do…I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. This is all part of my “act like a real college student” plan. After I drop-out of college, pickup a drug reliance, and marry someone I’ve known for 2 weeks…I’ll reevaluate my progress.


I need someone to fix this… January 16, 2006

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Ugh…this isn’t getting any easier. Just as I’m growing accustomed to using Ecto, I find out it’s expiring in 19 days, with no easy “workaround.” Oh well…back to the drawing board.

Wait…scratch that. Back to the real world for a little bit. I’ll get back on this later

Change of Pace January 15, 2006

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Now would be a great time to know html code.

It would be an even better time to know what the hell to do with iWeb, Apple’s latest “I don’t know what it does but I think I like it” software. The last few days I’ve been totally inundated with different blogging possibilities…each one more complicated than the last. My general goal for a blog–that is, independent from whatever the hell I decide to write about–is to have a unique, professional, eye-pleasing, multi-featured and multi-paged weblog.

What I want from a Web System

  • I’d like to have a separate page for music-related musings
  • Another page archiving my different photo albums (i.e. one link from the main page called “photos” leading to a page containing several links for other pages, such as “Summer Vacation 2005”)
  • A customizable “side-bar” containing a search function, links for the previously mentioned pages and other links of my choosing

What I want from a Web Application

  • Easily customize a template (without knowing html code)
  • Easily wrap text around images and charts
  • Edit the “other pages” (music, photos) from the app directly
  • Built-in publishing (without having to export and then use 3rd party ftp apps)

It seems that there is no real combination of Web System and Web Application that allows you to accomplish all of this (assuming you’re not willing to pay for your own web space). Word Press does a good job as a free Web System, and iWeb seems to take care of the first 3 bullets as a Web App…but so far, it seems iWeb isn’t readily compatible with anything other than .Mac. Ecto does a great job of working seamlessly with Word Press, but doesn’t take care of the first 3 bullets for a Web App.

As it stands, either Ecto needs to step up its formatting (for those not fluent in html/xhtml) or iWeb needs to open the door to non-.Mac Web Systems.

The Life of a Weblogger… January 15, 2006

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…must be pretty difficult.

Something DifficultThe next few days I’ll be messing around with different web applications, including the new iWeb and the nifty ecto. To be honest, I have no clue what I’m doing…but doing it seems to be the best way to learn. It might be a while before anything important/useful comes from this blog…but don’t worry, good things involve waiting.

Slowly but surely.

Giving This A Looksee January 15, 2006

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Thinking about switching from blogger…I heard this is the way to go.